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Kangstem Biotech developed serum-free stem cell culture medium (StemVie™ XF Medium Kit) is a serum-free medium for culturing human mesenchymal stem cells, which can improve the proliferation of undifferentiated stem cells, and provides high proliferative capacity and uniform cell status during culture.

StemVie™ XF Medium Kit

StemVie™ XF Medium Kit is a serum-free medium for human mesenchymal stem cell culture. It provides high stability, excellent proliferative capacity, and uniform cell condition during culture.

Name of Product Composition Product Code
StemVie™ XF Medium Kit StemVie™ XF Basal Medium
StemVie™ XF Supplement

Characteristic of StemVie™ XF Medium Kit

No animal-derived ingredients

Safety against heterologous antigens
Reduction of variations caused by FBS
No FBS lot test required

Maintaining unique characteristics of stem cells

Maintains same proliferation ability compared to
    serum-based medium
Maintaining uniform morphology
Maintain tripotency and expression of basic markers
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