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Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cell Isolation Technology and Mass Medium Technology

As the cord blood has a very small amount of existed mesoderm stem cells different from adipose or marrow, it is necessary to have a culture technology to identify the stem cells for isolation and a level for the commercialization of isolated stem cells. Kangstem Biotech has received the support of cord blood stem cell program that is supported by the Seoul City and developed the isolation technology of cord blood-derived stem cells and the mass culturing technology of cord blood-derived stem cells.

  • Purity

    With the original technology of Kangstem Biotech, stem cells with over 95% purity are isolated and cultured, which have the excellent immune control ability, multi-conversion ability and proliferation ability.

  • Isolation Success Rate

    The isolation of stem cells is possible for the cord bloods of more than eight people from the cord bloods obtained from the embryos of ten people with a high rate (80% & higher)

  • Possible Isolation Time

    Its isolation has been developed such that cord bloods are collected to be isolated until maximum 72 hours.

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