Kangstem Biotech is recruiting excellent talented people frequently throughout the year
If you submit the job application to it will be registered in the talented people pool and will be reviewed preferentially at the time of recruit for the relevant field.

- Application method : Apply through email (

- Recruit procedure

- Precaution at the submission of application

A double application is possible per a team at the submission of job application.
    Please fill out the mandatory information of first and second preferences in the application field.
    A person with above master’s degree should fill out the mandatory information of publications in the career introduction section.
    The email title and file name should be filled out in the form of ‘Field_Name_Application Day’.
If the content of job application would be proved false, the employment should be cancelled.
Only the person of final acceptance shall submit the job application related documents.
A person of national veterans shall be treated with preference in accordance with the relevant law.
All submitted documents shall not be returned and they shall not be used other than for the purpose of recruit.

Application Form Download

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