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Furestem-CD® targets moderate to severe Crohn’s disease patients.
Furestem-CD® is currently in Phase 1/2a.
  • Product name : Furestem-CD®
  • Manufacturer : Kangstem Biotech
  • Target : Moderate to severe Crohn’s disease patients
  • Injection route : IV injection

MoA : Furestem-CD® is transported to the lesion region. NOD2 is activated and PGE2, which plays a key role in relieving inflammation, is secreted. PGE2 suppress differentiation and activation of inflammatory cell Th1 & Th17. It accelerates production of T-lymphocyte but decreases secretion of inflammatory cytokine. PGE2 suppresses inflammation by inducing anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 and improves symptoms by accelerating restoration of the intestinal mucosa membrane.

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