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Furestem-AD® is the world’s first stem cell therapeutic product for atopic dermatitis that targets moderate to severe atopic dermatitis patients.
Phase 1/2a clinical trial was completed on 05/2015. Phase 2b IND submission was approved on 07/2016 and is currently ongoing.
  • Product name : Furestem-AD®
  • Manufacturer : Kangstem Biotech
  • Target : Moderate to severe atopic dermatitis patients
  • Injection route : Subcutaneous injection

MoA : IL-4 is secreted from Th2 cells. Furestem-AD® is stimulated by IL-4. Stimulated Furestem-AD® secretes TGF-β1. TGF-β1 suppresses expression of FcεR1 receptor (during maturation of mast cells). Furestem-AD® secretes PGE2. PGE2 suppresses degranulation of mast cells. Furestem-AD® inhibits each step of mast cell activation and degranulation through the secretions of TGF-β1 & PGE2.

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