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  • 2016

    • Nominated for Korea-China Science Technology Collaboration Project – Researching stem cell therapy for neurological disorders targeted for Asians
    • Nominated by The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a “K-BrainPower” company
    • Received Phase 2b IND Approval for Furestem-AD®
    • Signed stem cell conditioned media joint business contract with Dongwha Pharmaceutical (MOU)
  • 2015

    • Listed on KOSDAQ
    • Concluded the contract of iNSC technology joint business with Orig3n of the U.S
    • Expanded the Construction of Stem Cell GMP Center
    • Selected for the business in the development of high tech medical technology – Phases 1/2a clinical research for Crohn’ disease
    • Acquired ISO certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)
    • Concluded the joint development contract for the osteoarthritis Stem Cell Therapy with Heraeus of Germany
    • Selected for the future industry leading technology development business – R&D for cell culture system
    • Concluded the joint business contract for the stem cell conditioned medium cosmetics with COSON.
  • 2014

    • Approved of Furestem-CD® Phase 1 (added psoriasis indicant)
    • Concluded a contract for the stem cell therapy sales right and joint development with Daewoong Pharmaceutical Inc
    • Selected for the high tech medical technology development business – Occlusive arteriopathy preclinical
    • Certified for Technology INNO-BIZ
    • Approved of Furestem-RA® Phase 1
  • 2013

    • Changed business name to Kangstem Biotech
    • Selected for the parts material business – GvHD preclinical
    • Approved of Furestem-CD® Phases 1 & 2a
    • Approved of Furestem-AD® Phases 1 & 2a
  • 2012

    • Selected for the public health medical research development business - Psoriasis preclinical
    • Selected for the public health medical study development business - Crohn’s disease preclinical
    • Completed the construction of Stem Cell GMP Center
  • 2011

    • Selected for the industry & academy cooperative technology transfer business – Atopic Dermatitis preclinical
    • Recognized for the company auxiliary research center by KOITA (Korea Industry & Technology Association)
    • Certified for the venture company by KIBO (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • 2010

    • Established Kangstem Holdings
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